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Jen & Taylor


The short story... We have been dating since the summer of 2013. Taylor proposed July 7, 2017, under my favorite oak tree between what is now the barn and chapel. We were in the first stages of getting things together to build the venue when we got engaged. We got married at DCC on June 27, 2020.

HE is Risen

At some point in 2015, Taylor mentioned that it would be cool to build a wedding venue. I had just graduated with a degree in elementary education, we were both in our early 20s then, and starting a business like that just seemed impossible.

Throughout the next year or so, we celebrated many of our friends weddings at beautiful venues around the area. Once again, the conversation of building our own venue was mentioned. This time it was my idea. I knew how difficult it was for some of my friends to find a venue they liked with the date they wanted open. So, I pitched the idea to Taylor with the hopes of building a barn right in the middle of his green field. Anyone that knows Taylor, knows hunting is a very important hobby to him. I was quickly shot down.

Although I still had some convincing to do, I was beginning to turn this thought into a big dream. I’m a tad bit impulsive and if I think about something for too long I have to make it happen. I began searching for land and trying to figure out what to build. At this point, I knew I wanted more than just a barn. I wanted something different to this area.

Long story short.. once I got Taylor on board it all just fell into place. Oh an I convinced him to build our venue in his green field which is also where he proposed to me on July 7, 2017.

I won’t say building a venue and starting our own business was an easy process but it’s amazing how faithful God is. Our builder, Larry Wright, had a portable sawmill and the coolest part about our venue is that around 70% of the lumber used to build all 3 buildings was cut down in this field and hand sawed on site.

This is our fifth official year in this business and we are so excited to continue this dream!

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